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Analysis of a communications case study

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How to analyze a communications case study re "Every Word Counts: Business Communications Can Come Back to Haunt You"

- Rank issues and relevant information in order of importance
- List potential solutions and analyze
- List key communication skills and provide a critical analysis of each one
- Write a brief critical analysis using the given list of concepts

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I have provided an outline of your assignment answers. I used the template provided. You need to add the conclusion from the information provided and the introduction. This was more of a lesson on how to provide business communications as opposed to the analysis of a specific case. You might want to read up on the GM case and apply the answers to that specifically, though the instructions do not seem to indicate that.

Ranked issues and relevant information?list and rank from most to least important key communication issues.
1. Communications, especially written ones can create issues for a company and a person. This is not limited to recent memos or documents
2. People need to be careful in their written documents. Writing based on facts is important.
3. Clarify all communications and avoid using words that have legal implications or meanings.
4. Negative can be misinterpreted or misleading to those not involved including courts.
5. Be consistent so no communication can be considered "doctored" by the legal system.
6. Avoiding judgments in writing is a good idea.
7. Know the subject or discussion you are writing about.
8. Control distribution of any paperwork that is sensitive or proprietary. If your company keeps track of emails, do not discuss persons or personal information in them. And do not make notes in the margins unless it is about the facts and how you interpret them from your own knowledge ...

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The following posting provides an analysis of a communications case study.

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