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Needs & Gap Analysis Reqs For Corporate Instruction

Assume you are the instructional designer in the human resources department of a midsized corporation assigned the task of creating instruction that addresses the appropriate use of personal e-mail and phone calls on company time. What information do you expect to find in the needs assessment and gap analysis?

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In a corporate project of any type, the needs assessment is a catalog of everything that is needed to meet the goal of that project. A gap analysis is an analysis of things that are missing but needed to meet the needs. Since some needs, for any given project, may already have status of being met, the gap analysis is typically a subset of overall needs, but is used to plan for each instance of whatever needs to be done to fill each gap in the project.

The needs assessment would reveal the following list of items for this project.

The rationale for restrictions of email and phone use stem from the company's right to have employees working on task while on ...

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This solution outlines the requirements for a needs analysis and gap analysis for a human resources initiative to create instruction related to personal use of corporate communications tools. Although this example was based upon a case involving phone and internet use, this study would be interesting to anybody needing a better understanding of what corporate needs and gap analysis actually consists of. Corporate training needs address definite business problems which require a focused understanding to create concise curriculum.