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Scientific Method

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Scientific Method

Research scholarly journals and locate three to four peer-reviewed organizational research studies.

Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper that explains how each study follows the scientific method, what questions the researchers were trying to answer, and what procedures were taken in research.

Include descriptions of research processes to explain how qualitative and quantitative research was conducted in each study.

Format your paper according to APA standards.

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The solution discusses a scientific method

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Please find the guidelines for Scientific Method for Research Studies in the attached file.


Research Studies: Scientific Method

Here, in this paper three organizational research studies are selected that will be evaluated on the basis of scientific methodology adopted in that researches. This paper will explain how each selected study follows the scientific method, what questions the researchers were trying to answer and what procedures were taken in research along with the descriptions of research processes to describe how qualitative and quantitative research was carried on in each study.
What Makes Web Sites Credible?
A Report on a Large Quantitative Study
The first research study selected for this paper is an online study that looked into how diverse elements of Web sites affect people's percept of credibility. More than 1400 people took part in this study, both from the U.S. and Europe, assessing elements of 51 different Web sites. The questions that researchers were trying to answer with this study were which elements enhance and which elements hurt precepts of Web credibility (Fogg, et. al., 2001). The research was undertaken with specific background related with credibility and dimensions (trustworthiness & expertise) through which credibility constructs results.
By undertaking these ideas some suggestions were made like that highly credible Web sites will be comprehended to have high levels of both trustworthiness and expertise. With this setting in mind, the selected team were set out to research the precise elements of Web sites that would direct people to distinguish a site as credible or not (Fogg, et. al., 2001). With this discussion of the process of study and the questions tried to be answered in this, it can be said that this research study significantly follows the scientific method. This study is the chase of truth that is determined by logical considerations. This study utilizes some relevant concepts that assist research team in undertaking their research study ...

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