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    The Scientific Method

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    Please explain the benefits of using the scientific method.

    Please explain the dangers of not using the scientific method.

    When is the scientific method inappropriate.

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    Scientific Method
    Please explain the benefits of using the scientific method.

    The scientific method is not only used in the field of science but in everyday living. Even our daily tasks such as cooking and budgeting consist of the scientific method. The traditional scientific inquiry is applied everyday in different and various ways. It is a matter of understanding how to apply the scientific method to problems which seem non-scientific that is a challenge and once you know about it, it becomes a valuable tool in furthering a better career and making decisions.
    The scientific method is not only for scientists but for everyone as well... lawyers, businessmen, marketing and advertising analysts, and more. There are various ways that prove the usefulness of the scientific method in everyday living and in the business world. They show that the steps in the scientific inquiry/method are used to come up with decisions and outcomes. They prove why scientific method is important and that we are getting benefits from it. One way is to use the trial and error, a scientific process used to evaluate and improve models. Everyone uses this process when they are not sure of the best solution and would want to try the alternatives one at a time. In creating a strategy for management and marketing, companies use the scientific steps such as having a goal/aim to base the activity upon, then they create a model to follow, next they gather data to be evaluated/analyzed and once implemented, they can evaluate more and revise the necessary changes to improve it. Even in designing advertisements, advertising agencies use the scientific method to produce an effective ad by generating evaluation of ads which are usually realized from mail order returns ...

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