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    Case Study: "Startups Born with Conflicts"

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    Read the case study "Startups Born with Conflicts" from the book "Case Studies in Project, Program and Organizational Project Management" by Dragan Z. Milosevic.

    The company Northwest FCV is a new startup in an automobile assembly business. It has organized a task force to identify and resolve conflicts.

    Discussion items
    1. Which conflict resolution mode was used in the case: withdrawing, accommodating, compromising, forcing, or problem solving?
    2. Do you agree that startups are born with conflict? Why or why not?
    3. Would the implementation of a Project Communications Management team help prevent similar problems in the future?
    4. Besides a Project Communications Management team, should Northwest FCV revise its procurement process to prevent future mistakes?

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    1. The conflict management style was compromising and problem solving. Steve and Mark compromised and created a problem solving solution by working together and Jim and Judy agreed to the creation of the Project Communications Management team, which will meet every other week and should prevent the ...

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    The expert determines which conflict resolution mode was used in the case. Whether startups are born with conflict is determined.