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    Third Party Conflict Resolution - summarize

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    See attached word doc of case study - 500 English Sentences.

    This is a Organizational Negotiation class - Third Party Conflict Resolution Paper

    Need some assistance in summarizing the case study "500 English Sentences" listing the issues.

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    // In the below paper we will study the summary of case study which is on third party conflicts. It is about the person called Scott who has knowledge of English language and went to Japan to teach the students in JET program. Further, we will also learn about JET program which was mainly established to improve the relation of Brittan and Japan. It will also contain the conflicting issues between Scott and his colleague //

    Scott was born in United States and is 26 years old. He was extremely studious boy and always had won the scholarships in his schools and college life. His favorite subject is English and presently he is a teacher in Japan. During his graduate years, he used to teach English and involved in grading papers. He used to spend his time in doing karate after long hours of working. He started karate when he was studying in the junior school. He had also won third degrees black belt.

    His main was to get training in karate from the Japanese karate dojo school, but he used to think that he can not fulfill that ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 767 words with references.