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    ADR conflict resolution contingency plan, third party

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    Third Party Conflict Resolution: Develop and describe two contingency plans

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    While your question really does not specify what third party conflict resolution is, I am assuming it mediation/arbitration or ADR. These are the basics of the plans. I have left you to do the specifics you think will work best for the organization you are thinking of. Reordering the paragraphs may help as well. Peer mediation and arbitration boards are only two of the ways that third party CR is done. You can make either of these suggestions look as you like. The only thing that is firm is the mediation process as noted. The order and methods are the actual professional and peer mediation formulas.

    Contingency plan 1: A complaint has been filed and the parties involved cannot seem to overcome their differences. A company peer mediation ...

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    Basic third party conflict resolution plans is examined. The expert discusses ADR plans for business. The expert provides contingency plans examples in the solution.