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    Internet searching "flexible budgets"

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    I need help with performing an Internet search using the term, flexible budgets, and to locate an article (less than one year old) from the results of my search. After reading the article, I need to write a brief paper (3 - 5 paragraphs) that summarizes and comments on the article.

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    A Case Method Approach of Teaching How Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis is Connected to the Flexible Budgeting Process and Variance Analysis Academic Journal By: Machuga, Susan; Smith, Carl. Journal of Accounting & Finance (2158-3625). 2013, Vol. 13 Issue 6, p178-192. 15p Retrieved from Ebscohost database.

    The article focuses upon providing students with the ability to acquire knowledge about how a business's cost-volume-profit analysis is connected to the flexible budgeting process as well as variance analysis. The impetus for the ...

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    This solution involves a discussion of an article found with the search terms "flexible budget".