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    Kandyland: Web and mail communications/Call Center Problems

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    Analyze the case study design below and post an analysis

    The Case:

    KandyLand provides sweet treats for all seasons, but they really gear up in the summer so that their products are ready to go for the winter holidays. However, KandyLand has been experiencing problems in the shipping department. Order fulfillment errors are high. During your assessment of their process, you discovered that orders place 'on-line' via the web were filled correctly 98% of the time and those that were entered by customer service were filled incorrectly 98% of the time. It was determined that call-center's order entry tool was out of date and did not match that used by shipping. In addition, the data showed that over half of the customers ordering by phone had internet technology but were 'not comfortable' ordering electronically, so they called their orders in, even though they did do order other products and services online. The 'idea' is to move all orders to online order entry for all clients.

    The Design:

    Work with Marketing and Communications to create web and surface mail communications indicating that phone orders and surface mail orders will no longer be taken.

    Arrange for sales representative to call customers and walk them through an online order or to visit them in person and walk through the online order - Give sales reps an online form for reporting problems experienced by specific customers and other feedback.

    Train the sales reps

    At weekly QA (quality assurance) meetings summarize sales reps feedback and actions taken to solve problems

    Move 20% of customer service call-center reps into production roles or shipping roles

    Three-months after transition, determine whether call-center staffing ratio is correct, whether lay-offs are needed or whether there are other call-center issues that need to be addressed.

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    Kandyland's order fulfillment errors are unacceptable; however, it is more logical to focus on improving the call centers' performance, rather than create change and havoc for the customer. In order to design a reasonable solution I would suggest evaluating the order entry tool further and bringing it up to date, to match the order sheets used by shipping. Since the Internet process works, the most direct solution would be for the call centers' to use the existing Internet process to input orders for those customers who prefer utilizing the phone and surface mail to place orders.

    In order to reduce labor, it is logical to work with Marketing and ...

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    This solution addresses a case study based upon Kandyland and the trouble that they are having in the call center based on incorrect orders. The case study suggests a new program, and the solution analyzes the proposal and gives different suggests to improve the organization.