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    Technology plan for classroom communications

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    Comprehensive Classroom Technology Planâ?"Draft of Section Two: Communications Plan

    1) The benchmark assessment for this course involves creating a Comprehensive Classroom Technology Plan with five sections.

    How can technology be used to communicate in a classroom setting? Consider communication and collaboration with students, parents, the community, and the global community.

    1)Develop a Communications Plan for your first year of teaching, detailing how you will communicate with all engaged groups in the educational community. Items you may consider incorporating into the plan include:
    a) A class Web site
    b) Emergency contact list
    c) Alternative methods of communications
    d) Critical communications links
    e) e-mail
    f) VOIP
    g) Student Web sites
    h) Partnerships with other schools
    i) e-pals
    j) Others
    2) How will you address Internet security and safety in this plan?
    3) Support your choices with evidence from your required readings, and three to five peer-reviewed articles.
    4) Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the GCU Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.
    6) The draft of this section is due by the end of Module 3.

    2) Prepare a draft version of Section Two: Communications Plan of the Comprehensive Classroom Technology Plan

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    Consider communication and collaboration with students, parents, the community, and the global community.

    To effectively utilize technology to communicate with the stakeholders of my classroom (students, parents, administrators, the community and the world), I plan to set up a class website. These Web sites can be created using templates so that even a novice site designer can produce a professional and successful product the first time out. Plus, many Web site hosting companies are available which will host the site for free. Essential class information such as the class syllabus, the assignment listing for the week or the month (perhaps on a class calendar) can be posted to keep students and parents up-to-date on what the class is presently studying, and what is coming up next, for previewing. E-mail can be effectively used for announcements by setting up a ...

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    Discussion of ideas for a classroom technology plan for communication for all stakeholders. Additional suggestions for ideas that can be implemented to increase technology use and benefit.