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Training teachers to differentiate instruction

I suggested that teachers or organizational consultants should differentiate instruction to a greater degree. You might design a plan for incorporating various platforms for training teachers or consultants to differentiate instruction, or you might suggest and describe various platforms for differentiating instruction in the classroom or organization (e.g., implementing PeerWise, blogs, etc.). In my plan, I need assistance to provide a description of the technology tool(s), as well as exactly how it/they would be used to facilitate or apply the change within the classroom or organization.

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Technology is integral for facilitating change within classrooms and organizations as it enables students or employees to engage in (a) effective communication, (b) analyze and interpret data, (c) understanding computational models and simulations, (d) manage and prioritize tasks, (e) engage ...

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The training teachers to differentiate instructions are provided. The various platforms for differentiating instructions in the classroom are described.