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    Why Should Teachers Differentiate Instruction?

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    Why should teachers differentiate instruction? In what ways might teachers differentiate and assess student learning?

    What is the role of the teacher in differentiation and assessment?

    Critics may say that differentiation lowers standards and student expectations. How would you respond to this criticism?

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    Why should teachers differentiate instruction?

    If you are not differentiating instruction then you are most likely not reaching all of your students. You must find ways to reach each of your students in the classroom. Students are all on different levels. You must reach the student who is accelerated as well as the student who is struggling. Our school focuses intensely on the student who is struggling. Our school uses progress monitoring as a way to reach ...

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    This solution is an explanation of why teachers should use differentiate instruction. This solution offers an answer from a teacher who is working in the trenches every day.