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    VoIP Case Study

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    Conduct an Internet search to locate a case study that shows how VoIP was beneficial to an organization.

    Analyze the organization's use of VoIP.

    Respond to the following in your analysis:
    o Include a detailed explanation of the case study and the organization
    o Why did the organization require a VoIP solution?
    o How did VoIP improve operations?
    o What are the advantages of using VoIP?

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    First Community Bank case study with Cisco Unified Communications (VoIP) solution: http://www.cisco.com/en/US/prod/collateral/voicesw/ps6788/vcallcon/ps556/case_study_c36-450712.pdf:

    * First Community Bank was growing steadily and encountered great costs in providing phones, phone numbers, and additional phone lines for its new employees
    * A new Private Branch Exchange (PBX) system cost $25,000, while the two technicians required for moves, adds, and changes were paid $100,000 annually
    * Employees' voicemail was not pushed out to their phones, so they had to manually dial-in throughout the day; they also could not forward voicemail to other employees

    Solution for First Community Bank:

    * Using Cisco's Unified ...

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    The solution contains a very detailed outline of what can be turned into an essay. A link to a true case study (from Cisco) is provided, with key points explicitly written out beneath.