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Skype marketing

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Skype´s operates in the VoIP communication market. Its software allows people to make calls over the internet who are also using Skype, regardless of their location. In that sense, Skype has an international clientele. It also operates in a highly competitive environment. It has a significant advantage over landline/wireless providers in that people would rather use Skype for free than pay high prices using their phones, but it has been a challenge to make sufficient revenue from it since most calls made are free.

1. Skype faces market uncertainty from a variety of sources. Its competitors are constantly innovating, Microsoft and Yahoo, are already providing similar services and other players, such as Google, might also enter the market. Outside of the internet, wireless and landline telephone providers are likely, especially if a revenue source can be found, to enter the market. Technological uncertainty is another problem since Skype is basically using other company´s ...

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