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    Nadler-Tushman Congruence Model and Skype Strategy

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    Discuss Skype's strategy and determine which one of Porter's competitive strategies fits with this strategy. Review Skype's inputs and determine one or two specific critical inputs from each input category: environment, resources, and history.

    Then identify the most critical inputs in each of the three categories and justify why they are critical. Also explain what effect the inputs from one category have on inputs from the other categories. How well does the strategy fit with the environmental, resource and historical inputs you identified?

    Explain how the Key Inputs support (are congruent with) the Strategy. Specifically make a claim: "The inputs at Skype consisting of Organizational Environment factors. Internal Resource factors, and Historical Tradition factors are, [highly, partially, or minimally] congruent with the company's strategy."

    Support analysis with objective evidence.

    Thank you.

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    Skype's strategy at first glance appears to be cost leadership. It allows Skype users free unlimited talking. However, when we consider the competition of Skype, such as Limphone, Mumbie, Hall.com, and Google Talk service we realize the strategy of Skype is differentiation. Skype uses features to differentiate its services from those of its competitors. It allows voice and video communication, allows instant messaging, file transfer, and videoconferencing. It has also strived to improve the quality of its video images. The generic strategy of Skype is differentiation.

    We consider the inputs in the Nadler-Tushman Congruence Model. The most critical factor in the environment input is the existence of reliable internet services. This is service that is outside Skype but is critical for its functioning. The most critical resource of Skype is the combination of the voice-over-internet Protocol service and its software application. The service is proprietary and the software form the most important input. This resource is technological in ...

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