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    VoIP Security Vulnerabilities

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    1. List at least five security threats specific to VoIP. Give a brief description and possible scenario.
    2. List at least 10 Vulnerabilities in VoIP. Briefly describe each of the listed vulnerability, along with a possible recommendation for a countermeasure.
    3. Explain the end-to-end process of how VoIP works.
    4. Go back to problem 3 and list possible vulnerabilities in each step of the process.
    5. In problem 4 list what would be most risky vulnerability, with the most possible damage
    6. In problem 5 - list how you would create a plan to mitigate possible damages and have services running smoothly and securely.

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    A foundation to the solution for the homework assignment

    A foundation to the solution for the homework assignment

    The top five security threats specific to VOIP are:

    DoS (denial of service) Attacks on VoIP Networks (Porter, 2008).
    Jim Higdon states the reason DoS attacks are a critical threat across VOIP are that "DoS attacks can overwhelm your company's phone lines, creating long-term busy signals, forced call disconnects and an exhausted work force" (Jim Higdon, 2008).
    VoIP Eavesdropping: A hacker that can listen in on conversations using
    any means across a VOIP. Imagine you providing your bank account
    information while using a VoIP and a hacker is listening.

    Microsoft Office Communications Server: Hackers will decrypt encrypted data across the server, reroute ...

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    VoIP security vulnerabilities are examined. The security threats are listed as well as the recommendations for a countermeasure.