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    Frank Fields Jr.
    January 02, 2011
    ISSC 641
    Week 4 Outline
    Dr. John Rhome

    This project is based on a home network that was made two years ago. The initial part of the service was based on the two desk tops and a printer. The task began with having an ISP which was conducted on research on the service offer in my local area. I use equipment furnish by Att, and the set up procedure.
    Att furnished a modem, router, and adaptors for the phone line, additions Ethernet cords. I had to buy a wireless card for one of the desk tops. Since setting up this network I have also added four laptops and an addition printer.
    The network was set up with basic directions with hooking up the model. I also had to place the adaptors on the home phone lines and the line leading into the model. Once having the equipment set up I did the software hook on and then ensure that everything was in place.
    The reason for putting together my own home network was for one the other desk top was in another room and I did not want to run a cord all over the home to the router. Second, which is a benefit to have the network was that we have access to all of the files from both computers. Also my wife's desk, called that as she was the primary user of that desk top and she used it for her home day care was that she printed a lot of material for her computer.
    ISO 17799 Is titled Information technology - Security techniques - Code of practice for information security management. It is an information security standard published by ISO-The International Organization for Standardization and the IEC-The International Electro technical Commission.
    ISO 17799 was actually changed to IOS/IEC 27002 in 2007. It provides best practices for initiating, implementing or maintaining Information Management Systems. Information Security according to IOS 27002 is defined according to the CIA standard. CIA stands for Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability. ISO 27002 contains 12 sections:
    1. Risk Assessment
    2. Security Policy
    3. Organization of Information Security
    4. Asset Management
    5. Human Resources Security
    6. Physical and environmental security
    7. Communications and operations management
    8. Access control
    9. Information systems acquisition, development and maintenance
    10. Information Security incident management
    11. Business Continuity Management
    12. Conclusion
    This project will review VOIP, which specifically the methodologies, protocols and technologies for sending voice communication over the internet. Some of the security issues in regards to VOIP include Identity and Service Theft. This is where services are stolen from a provider or a customer using VOIP. This is due to the fact that encryption in SIP is not common. The first step in securing VOIP communication is of course the use of firewalls. Multiple firewalls should be placed at different junctures in the system including 1) In front of the VOIP system itself, 2) On the PCs and laptops of remote workers to prevent malware from infecting the VOIP system and 3) Between the VOIP provider and the local network. This will prevent malware from gaining access through the provider's network. Another way to secure VOIP is to utilize encryption as part of the SIP protocol. Also, VOIP traffic can be separated from general Internet traffic by using a Virtual Local Area Network or VLAN.
    I will look at the utilization of at a small company and reviewing their security set up. Does this company use encryption on their VOIP system, do they utilize firewalls? Also, is the VOIP provider one versed in security measures?

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    Panko, R.R. (2007). Business Data Networks and Telecommunications (6th ed., p 5-615). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.

    A network is a "transmission system that provides a connection between two or more applications running on different computers" (Panko, 2007, p.5). The core elements of a network are applications, frames, client computers, switches, routers, access lines, trunk lines, and wireless access.

    Luderer, G., Che, H., Marshall, W. T. (1982). A Virtual Circuit Switch as the Basis for
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    "Datakit is a communications system based on a data switch. It provides virtual circuit switching, with data transport internally implemented by packet switching" (Luderer, Marshall & William, 1982, p.147). This communications system has been used as a vehicle to connect the "autonomous systems of a UNIX local area network and to construct a distributed UNIX network for fast file ...

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