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    Outline and paper outline for Global Warming: Fact or Fiction.

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    Deliverable Length: 500-750 words in your own words

    After the former U.S. Vice President Al Gore received the Nobel Prize for his work and efforts to raise awareness about global warming, he was asked to prepare a white paper on the subject. To enhance his credibility, he plans to present points and counterpoints to the subject.

    For the subject of Global Warming: Fact or Fiction listed below, do the following:

    Step I

    Create an outline that has at least 3 levels to it.
    For example, this is part of an outline for a paper whose subject is "Is the Economic Stimulus passed in January 2009, working?"

    I. Background of the economic stimulus
    A. Impetus for the bill
    1. Arguments for the bill
    2. Argument against the bill
    Step II

    Write a 750â?"1000-word paper that must follow and only follow the outline created in step I.
    The topic for this outline and paper is Global Warming: Fact or Fiction.
    The audience or readership of this paper is members of the U.S. Congress. 98% of the 535 representatives and senators are degreed lawyers.
    -->The purpose of the report is to convince members of Congress that there are 2 opposing viewpoints about the impacts of global warming and to explain these viewpoints.
    -->Note: citations and a reference list are required for this paper in APA style.
    You will be graded based on the following:

    -->How deep your outline's topics and subtopics go (at least 3 levels)
    -->How well your paper follows your outline
    -->How well your paper's jargon or terminology matches the level of expertise of the paper's audience
    -->How well your paper meets the purpose of the paper
    -->Spelling, grammar, style, and format
    Who can I get to write the number 2?

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    We are not allowed to write Step II for you, but I think I can help.

    In terms of writing Step II, the length of the paper will come with the correct amount of source material.

    The professor's first concern is that your paper be between 750 and 1,000 words. If each page is generally 250 words on average, you will be writing at least three FULL pages, but only up to four pages. (Do NOT write two and three-quarters pages: the professor asked for at least three. Going onto the fourth cannot hurt.) With double-spacing and solid research, this will not take long at all, especially if you organize your paper and follow the outline the professor has provided in Step I.

    Next, make sure your thesis statement in the introductory paragraph states the focus of the paper?Global Warming: Fact or Fiction. Often times, especially when a writer becomes deeply involved in the construction of a paper, it is easy to lose focus and move away from the original topic. If I were writing this paper, I would have my outline in front of me, organize my sources by numbering them based on the order in which I wish to present them, and then, at the end of each paragraph of the paper, go back and reread the thesis state. Ask yourself at the end of the paragraph: Did I maintain my focus on the thesis statement in the paragraph? If you lose focus, the integrity of your paper begins to deteriorate.

    You professor has related the readership of your paper so that you can write in a formal fashion. You will be addressing (we assume) an educated audience. You want to make sure your reasoning is clear: each general statement must be supported by facts to establish your credibility as a reliable source. You want to avoid slang, colloquialisms and clichés, and contractions or abbreviations. Like going to a formal dress affair, you should not wear jeans or sneakers.

    You have also been given a clear purpose for this paper, which is a plus. Many times students write papers, unsure of their purpose, even when they have chosen the topic. Here the topic has been selected for you and there is a great deal of information out there to use. This is also extremely helpful. You have to decide what sources can best be used to convince your readers (members of Congress) that there are two sides to the issue of global warming, present the two opposing views, and explain each. The more reliable your sources, the more impactful your paper will be.

    The final note in Step II is that you present citations and a list of references using the APA style. You can find websites that will help you do this.

    A little bit of advice. I have found in writing my own graduate papers, and in instructing high school students, that one of the most valuable steps you can take for your own ease in organizing the paper, and maintaining your sanity, is to keep track of EVERY SINGLE SOURCE you think may be helpful.

    If you find (for example) eight sources, print or copy every one. You MAY NOT use them all, but you never know, at some point in the paper, when you may need to make a point and then are unable to retrace your steps to that one article or source you read that has that important piece of information you need. I would ...