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    Arguments for and Against Global Warming

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    Please help me outline a paper that sets up a framework illustrating the arguments for and against global warming.

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    Global Warming: Fact or Fiction
    I. Global warming exists

    A. Global temperature net gain 0.4° C in past decade (Hansen, et al., 1981)
    1. some variations exist
    2. some areas net loss
    3. greenhouse effect observed on several planets

    B. GISS surface temperature analysis
    1. strong correlation: weather stations up to 1,200 km apart, middle/high latitudes
    2. recognizes urban effects on changes on are small
    3. based on ground bore holes & glacier retreat
    4. magnitude of problem now twice that of ...

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    the discussion summarizes the common arguments for and against global warming, as supported by scientific evidence or the supposed lack thereof. The discussion outlines or explains common theories and beliefs on both sides.