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    Classic Airlines Problem Definition

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    From MBA 570 course: Sustaining Customer Relationships.

    Using the Problem Solution Template, prepare a response in which you complete Table 1, Table 2, and craft a problem statement for Classic Airlines.

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    Please keep in mind that the 'personal experience' section is filled with my information, so you may need to tweak/update this section, as necessary.

    **TABLE 1 INFO***************************************************************

    *Table 1: Issues and Opportunities Identification*
    -Concept #1-
    Understand key drivers of customer value: customer relationship

    -Application of Concept in Scenario or Simulation-
    Acquiring new customers and retaining existing customers should include tapping into all available marketing opportunities.

    -Reference to Specific Course Concept (Include citation)-
    "Achieving the full profit potential of each customer relationship should be the fundamental goal of every business. Profits from customer relationships are the lifeblood of all businesses" (Grant & Schlesinger, 1995).

    -Personal Experience at your Organization- **I worked at a college at the time...*
    Issues come up for students that can not be avoided. Missouri College should be able to capitalize on this by offering options for those times that students need to leave and then re-enter school, which shows that the school can adapt to individual situations and thus values the customer relationship.

    *Table 1: Issues and Opportunities Identification*
    -Concept #2-
    Analyze customer needs, behaviors and trends: how marketing discovers and satisfies ...

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    Struggling to find a starting point for your Problem Solution paper for Classic Airlines (which was in week 4 in my MBA online studies program)? Get some great pointers for writing the paper, as well as multiple examples that I used for my own Problem Solution paper for Classic Airlines. Includes references and examples, in addition to concepts from the textbook we used.