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    Classic Airlines Scenario: Marketing & Corporate Culture

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    I need help with considering what product or service Classic Airlines is marketing, the marketing challenges it faces, and its current corporate culture.

    I need help explaining some of the marketing concepts, and how they can be related to the context of the scenario. Include citations and references where appropriate. Short answer 350 to 700 words max, if you can use APA format that would be great.

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    Classic Airlines is marketing air travel but they use price and customer service to promote the product. Classic Airlines is facing challenges on several fronts. The stock has taken a hit, employee moral is down, and consumer confidence is down. In addition, fuel and labor costs are up and a 15 percent cost cutting mandate is in effect. Furthermore, there is internal strife among executives, as each prioritizes his department's needs over others.

    In order to solve these issues sales and profitability need to increase. In order to be successful Classic must identify their core customer, attract, satisfy, and keep the customer (Jones, 2011). Classic can target the business traveler in order to charge higher prices, preserve quality service, and increase frequent flyer program membership, which develops loyalty. However, trade-offs must occur for this to be successful. Compensating labor well is important from an employee satisfaction standpoint, in addition to the fact that employees are the "face" of the product and effect customer service. Customer relations are said to be a direct correlation of employee relations (Smith, 2011). Labor needs to understand the need for cost cutting as well as ...

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    This solution discuss what product or service Classic Airlines is marketing and the challenges it faces as well as its' current corporate culture based on the attached scenario. It includes links and APA formatted references.