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Alternative Solutions for Classic Airlines

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Based on the Classic Airline scenario, answer the following questions: What are some possible solutions to the scenario? What are your assumptions and constraints? Can you let them go? What are some best case solutions?

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//The given discussion is based on the scenario of Classic Airline. The initial section of the discussion is including the possible solutions for the company. The knowledge of these solutions will enhance the awareness of the user about the present scenario of the company.//

Possible Solutions: Classic Airlines

Entering into strategic alliance can help Classic airlines to increase its market share, which has been performed by all the other companies in the airline industry. (Scenario: Classic Airlines) It will help in satisfying the customers and providing additional services in every part of the world. The primary reason for Classic to enter into strategic alliance is to enhance their organizational capabilities and thereby gain a competitive or strategic advantage. If it is not feasible for Classic to either create resources internally or to acquire them, it can rely on strategic alliances to create a network of beneficial relationships. (Scenario: Classic Airlines).

Another possible ...

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