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Creating an Annotated Bibliography

Can you explain what an annotated bibliography is and the how I would go about creating one? Thank you.

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In an annotated bibliography, you basically summarize the article and include any the information from a particular text that will help you with your paper. You need to include information that will help you but also enough information that will convince your professor that you have a plan that will work before it's too late for him or her to help you. There's nothing worse than having a paper due in a day or two and finding out that you don't have any sources to back you up or that you don't agree with your own thesis anymore. An annotated bib will help you prevent that.

The first step is to include the source information. This is the same information that you will use in your bibliography section. After that, add information that will help you remember what you read. Be sure to use your own words and use complete sentences. I usually include a short summary of the source to help jog my memory. I also include how I can use the source in my work. Sometimes the work ...

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The expert explains what an annotated bibliography is. How it would go about creating one is determined.