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At least 4 sources are to be included in this Annotated Bibliography and Research Report. It is recommended that one is a credible website, and three are professional journals or books.
An Annotated Bibliography features APA-correct citation for each relevant source as well as a brief summary of the source content and credibility. The second paragraph is a "research report" explaining how each source applies and supports the proposed idea. Approximate length: 3-5 pages

Subjet"Modern Technology and Social Change"

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My name is Jason Blair and it is a pleasure to provide you with some notes as you complete your annotated bibliography. By way of introduction, I am a University Professor in the state of Arizona.

I have attached an example annotated bibliography for you. This bibliography contains four sources that I compiled related to this topic. I have formatted it in perfect APA format, and even included a title page, so you can get familiar with the structure. Basically, you just find a source, cite it properly, and then give a summary of the contents. This is used only be the researcher (you) as you go back and write the actual paper. You can use this as a guide to determine what sources to revisit as you write. What I would suggest here is that you add another paragraph to each source I have listed to describe how it relates to your particular project. I cannot really speak to that for two reasons:

1) I do not have the specific assignment given by your professor
2) I am not permitted to complete the entire assignment for you

Instead, what I have I done is my very best to guide you in the process of creating the annotated bibliography. This can be used for any of your courses when APA formatting s required. Keep it as a sample so you can reference it in the future.

Best Wishes,

Jason Blair, Ed. S.


Annotated ...

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The annotated bibliography for a research report is examined. Modern technology and social change is determined.