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    people v. smith 437 mich293 470NW 2d70, 78(1991)

    In a narrative format of 500 or more words, outline the case of People v. Smith in 1991 by the Supreme Court of Michigan. Give the facts, issue, and court holding.

    Sociology / Criminology, Law, Deviance and Punishment / Punishment » 593785

    10 Key Strategic Points to Qualitative research

    1. In the prospectus, proposal and dissertation there are ten key strategic points that need to be clear, simple, correct, and aligned to ensure the research is doable, valuable, and credible. The 10 key strategic points emerge from researching literature on a topic which is based on or aligned with READ MORE »

    Psychology / Positive Psychology » 599471

    Assessments in the Teaching of Reading

    Consider the importance of using a variety of assessments in the teaching of reading.

    Create a chart that identifies various types of informal, formal, formative, and summative assessments (e.g., DRA, running records, DIBELS, etc.) used to assess children's reading abilities.

    Compare and con READ MORE »

    Education / Learning & Teaching » 515644

    Physical, Language, Cognitive, and Psychosocial Development

    Using 12-18 slides, create a PowerPoint presentation for parents of children with ID that explains physical, language, cognitive, and psychosocial development. Address the following:

    1. Identify professional and parental interventions.

    2. Provide information for students with severe and profou READ MORE »

    Education / Health & Safety / Counseling » 535220
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