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    People v. Smith (1991)

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    In a narrative format of 500 or more words, outline the case of People v. Smith in 1991 by the Supreme Court of Michigan. Give the facts, issue, and court holding.

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    People v. Smith is a case decided in 1991 by the Supreme Court of Michigan. The issue was that a defendant, Ricky Franklin Smith, argued he should be resentenced because of the inclusion of the pre sentence investigation report of his previously expunged juvenile record. The Court of Appeals in Michigan agreed with the defendant and required that Smith be sentenced again. The Supreme Court, however, heard the case and reverse the decision stating the Smith did not need to be sentenced again on the basis of the inclusion of his juvenile record alone. Smith was originally convicted of breaking and entering, largely based upon his decision to plead guilty. This was also his fourth offence, making him a habitual offender. The question in this case, then, is not related to his ...