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Building Business Relationships with Key Players

Discuss the aspects of building relationships before you need them. Identify key players and what you can do to help them before you need their assistance. It is always easier to receive a favor after you have granted one. (300 words)

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It is best to start building relationships before you need these people. It is best to sustain these relationships as they are like living things they need to be kept alive and healthy. In order to sustain relationships, there are some aspects that need to be followed. One is by paying attention to people and checking them in once in a while. There is also a need to communicate openly by taking time to talk about important issues and this must be done regularly. The need to be appreciated is a basic need to keep relationships going. Appreciate others and make sure to let them know.

Extending oneself to accommodate the needs of others is also important. Volunteering for work in an ...

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The solution discusses the aspects of building relationships with key players. References are included.