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International Negotiation and Relationship Building

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1. Provide at least two popular definitions of negotiation and relationship building.

2. Analyze and explain some of the social and economic consequences of not concentrating on negotiation and relationship building.

3. Explain the important indicators of being sensitive to negotiation and relationships.

4. Analyze the situations where negotiation and relationship building can overlap.

5. Analyze and explain how groups can use global leadership activities toward negotiation and relationship building so as to support their larger goals.

6. Explain at least three ways of increasing relationship building.

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1. Provide at least two popular definitions of negotiation and relationship building.

Negotiation can be defined as the communication and exchange of ideas between two individuals or entities in which each seeks to maximize their personal benefits and minimize their personal losses. If relationship is left out of the negotiation process the whole exercise can become vicious and will likely be based solely on selfishness, money and greed.

From a more cynical perspective, negotiation can be perceived as doing whatever it takes to get what I want. In this scenario nothing is "sacred" and the individual is willing to sacrifice almost anything to get the result they desire.

Relationship introduces a completely new perspective on the process of negotiation. If relationship building is a key goal in the negotiation process, the "bottom line" and maximizing personal benefits will be tempered by the equally important goal of preserving and building a positive relationship with the other individual, organization or nation. Negotiation and relationship building then are two separate issues that are essential in maintaining a healthy balance in international business dealings.

A key concept of relationship building is that there will likely be times when the relationship is more important to the long-term sustainability of the partnership than immediate financial gain. Additionally, it is likely that a strong emphasis on relationship building will lead not only to improved communication and cooperation but also to increased financial success in the long term.

2. Analyze and explain some of the social and economic consequences of not concentrating on negotiation and relationship building.

In a global economy there are very few, if any, entities that can be considered self-sufficient. Different nations possess unique raw materials. Certain corporations possess special talents, assets or technology. In short, it takes a significant group of people functioning together to achieve financial success and maintain that success. If negotiation and relationship building are not considered to be top priorities and are ignored the following social and economic consequences will occur sooner or later.
- Isolation - The organization will become isolated not only from the groups that provide the raw materials, labor, supplies and intellect but also from their consumers. This impacts the organization by weakening ...

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