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    International negotiation: Effects of cultural differences

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    How do cultural differences affect the perceptions and behaviours of different parties in an international negotiation? Explain the relative importance of national culture, organisational culture, and individual personalities in contributing to the outcomes of a negotiation. What are the skills and attributes that a manager needs to negotiate successfully across cultures? Finally, how important are cultural differences in determining levels of tolerance toward disputes, and in what ways can disputes lead to positive or negative outcomes for an organisation that is negotiating internationally?

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    Role of Culture in International Negotiation

    Impact of Cultural Differences

    Cultural differences affect the perception and behavior of different parties in negotiation in following manner.
    Perception: Cultural differences by developing misinterpretation between two culturally different parties affect the negotiation (Garcha). It further leads to change in the inferences and reactions of two parties.

    Behavior: Cultural differences also influence the behavior of two parties in negotiation by influencing their behavior. Non-verbal behavior and gesture of one party from different cultural background affect the behavior of another party that results into unease in communication during negotiation. Two culturally different parties by perceiving their culture wrongly develop repetitive character during negotiation. In this way, their behavior also gets affected and negotiation results suboptimal.
    Relative Importance of Different Types of Culture

    National, Organizational and Individual culture have their relative importance in contributing to the outcomes of negotiation.

    These are as follow:

    National Culture: Differences in national culture in terms language, assumptions value and belief help in understanding the expectations regarding the ...

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