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Role of Culture: Negotiating a Contract in a Country

Imagine that you must negotiate a contract with an organisation that is in a country other than your own. Choose any country other than your native country and then answer the following questions:

* Identify the country. List the main aspects of this country's culture, as you perceive it today.
* What assumptions do you have about this country and why? What sources of information shape your assumptions?
* How does this country's culture differ from your own? What cultural values do you bring to the transaction and how would you need to adapt?
* How would you approach the negotiation? Would your approach vary from how you would approach a negotiation in the country of your native birth or primary professional experience? What factors of negotiation and business relationships do you have to consider differently?

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Role of Culture in International Negotiation

Culture of United States

Culture can be defined as a unique character of a social group; the values and norms that are shared and set by its members apart from other social groups (Garcha). United Sates has a unique culture that is influenced by culture mix and mix of specific worldviews of indigenous population and colonizers. The culture of United States covers traditions, ideals, customs, beliefs, values, task oriented, and innovations that are developed domestically and immigration from the British Isles. The main aspects of the United States culture are as follow: (American Culture).

? Ethnic diversity
? Self reliance
? Gender equality
? Religion
? Individualism
? Patriotism
? Charity and volunteerism
? The mobile society


There are various assumptions about the United States in terms of economy, culture, values, business environment, and negotiation process (Garcha). United States is the world's largest national economy that has a good business environment for the organizations of other countries, because of its open economy. The task oriented approach is ...

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