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    Managerial Communication: A High and a Low Context Culture

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    Select a high context culture and a low context culture and identify cultural barriers that may occur when communicating across boundaries. Provide specific examples.

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    A high context culture would be Japan. The experiences are based on group and the collective is considered in almost every matter. A low context culture would be the United States. The individual is the consideration and impulse is often the guiding factor.

    Communication issues are almost always a problem between high and low context cultures. Learning to assess and deal with the differences is a key to successful interaction, business or personal. A decision is a good example to use. Deciding on agreement of a key point in a contract will be a long process for the high context culture. There is consideration by the group as a whole before the decision is made. For example, a contract calls for use of a new shipping company for products from Japan to the U.S. The ...

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    This solution provides a detailed discussion of the barriers that may occur when communicating across cultural boundaries.