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Discussion on Intercultural Communication

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Examine the study of intercultural communication and demonstrate how and why it is useful. What are the ideas of the leading thinker on the subject, Edward, T. Hall. Break up culture into two categories: high context and low context. Analyze and assess cultures. How can we learn to successfully communicate across borders.

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Intercultural communication speaks to a major issue: diversity. The history on the United States is replete with immigration and immigrant groups being incorporated into US culture and adapting to their ways and customs. Intercultural communication can therefore allow us to understand the essentials of crossing national boundaries worldwide as well as boundaries among sub-cultures within a single country.

Edward T. Hall, a leading thinker in intercultural communication separated culture into two identifiable classes in order for us to clearly envision the picture being painted before us: high and low context cultures. Context is not merely what is said or written, but more than that, including all meaningful details surrounding the spoken and written. A high context (HC) communication or message is one in which most of the information is already in the person, while very little is in the coded, explicit, transmitted part of the message. A low context (LC) communication or messafe is just the opposite; i.e. the mass of the information is vested in the explicit code. In addition to this, Hall expanded ...

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