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    Business and intercultural Communication

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    1. Summarize in 3 paragraphs the key features of business communication, as opposed to ordinary, everyday communication. Be sure to include a reference.
    2. Summarize in 2 paragraphs Intercultural Communication.
    3. Write a generic email, using principles from routine and goodwill emails, to inquire about a desired position.
    4. Following the email, write an essay explaining the principles and good practices you followed while creating it.

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    Business and intercultural Communication

    1. The first principle of modern business communication is to use "plain language," (Greer, 2012). Consumers across the globe have become resigned to governmental and business language being way too wordy and hard to understand. The new expectation for business communication is that it be clear, concise, an easily understood. If this principle is applied to written communication on computers, every unnecessary word that is used costs the organization that owns the web site money. Quoting the article referenced at the beginning of this paragraph, "Plain Language has to do with clear and effective communication—nothing more or less," (Greer, 2012). This is particularly true in a diverse workplace. Non-native English speakers who are learning to speak English need the other employees around them to speak with words that are easily understood. Words with vague definitions should be avoided.

    2. If you would go out into the streets and business of any community in the country, you would find that the language people use is not always clear, concise, and understandable. Business language is not the language of the street. I always tell my business students they need to put aside the language of the "hood" when communicating in the ...

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    This brief response is designed to help the student understand the principles of professional business communication. The key to successful communication is to write or speak in a manner that is easily understood by the recipients. Professional communication must not be purposely offensive, and must adhere to any legal or regulatory requirements that are part of the organization's expectations for communication.