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    Intercultural communication and business etiquette

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    Intercultural Communication: Studying Cultures. Choose a specific country such as Thailand, India or Nigeria. Research the culture and write a brief summary of what a U.S. business person would need to know about concepts of personal space and rules of social behavior in or to conduct business successfully in that country.

    The report is an internal, intercultural report written for colleagues about to embark on business meetings in a new country such as Brazil or Turkey.

    It is not an economic or demographic profile of the country but a description of intercultural business expectations.

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    First, of the three choices mentioned in the instructions, I would suggest choosing India for the topic of intercultural communication since it probably has the longest history of business with Americans and therefore you might find the most information to support your arguments. I might also suggest organizing it into the following sections: communication (includes both verbal and nonverbal language and space/distance issues), time orientation, gender issues and relationships, meetings and negotiations ...

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    Suggestions regarding important components to include in an essay on intercultural communication and how to best optimize business negotiations, specifically mentioning India vs. the United States. Step by step instructions are given on what to include in this essay as well as several reference links.