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Effective Intercultural Communication

What are the steps toward effective intercultural communication? Explain each of them. In developing cultural sensitivity, Business for Diplomatic Action has advice for Americans when doing business abroad. What are their suggestions?

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The steps toward effective intercultural communication are:

-Break assumptions - While everyone has these, it's important to recognize that assumptions are "beliefs rather than objective truth and are usually influenced by a number of subjective factors" (Kwintessential.com, 2013, para 3). Assumptions, when it comes to individuals from other cultures or cultural norms in general are not healthy and only create boundaries in communication.

-Empathize- In order to truly appreciate and understand someone from another culture, empathy is vital. This is mainly the concept of putting yourself in someone else's shoes.

-Involve - "Involving others in tasks or decision making empowers and builds strong relationships" (Kwintessential.com, 2013, para 6). Gaining the thoughts from others ...

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