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    Values, preferences, laws affect ethical decisions

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    How would protected values, preferences, and laws affect consistency in making ethical decisions? What strategies would you develop and implement to attain consistent ethical decision making? What lesson or insight do you find from looking at current research on ethics and decision making and why is it important?

    How can values and communication styles impact intercultural collaboration in a diversified organization? In addition, identify a current article (by that I mean from a peer reviewed academic journal in the library) on collaboration and explain what take-away you gained from it that you think may help you promote effective collaboration on a learning team.

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    //Ethical decision making is affected by protected values, preferences and laws to a great extent, which help in attaining sound ethical decisions. While writing this paper, the light will be shed on identification on the significance of ethics in decision making. Followed by this, an overview on intercultural collaboration on promoting effective collaboration on a learning team will be discussed//

    Protected values, preferences and laws affect consistency in making ethical decisions to a great extent. In the last few years, the research has been done in developing an instrument, which helps in measuring the protected values. The research shows that the protected values leave a negative impact on decision making. The reason behind this is that the people, who choose protected values, are considered to be less sensitive when situational influences of such value affect them. On the other hand, it is believed that the preferences affect overall decision making. For example, an individual, who has developed thinking oriented approach, will follow different approach related to decision making as compared to the person who has feeling oriented approach (Decision Making and Problem Solving, 2010). Lastly, the law will affect consistency in ethical decision making where a good system will have a law, and the ethical standards will be followed in serving the interests of group members. It will help in taking ethical decisions and minimizing the problems (Ferrell, ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 915 words with references.