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    Global and Domestic Market Decisions

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    Discuss the high-level domestic and global environmental factors that may impact Pepsi's marketing decisions.

    Explain how technology impacts Pepsi's marketing decisions.

    Analyze the importance of social responsibility and ethics as related to the Pepsmai's marketing.

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    Discuss the high-level domestic and global environmental factors that may impact Pepsi's marketing decisions.

    Some of the most important environmental factors that affect domestic marketing decisions of Pepsi are:

    Consumer's Tastes and Preferences: Changes in the consumer tastes and preferences with respect to soft drink consumption have a major bearing on the marketing policies of companies like Pepsi, who constantly needs to adapt to such changes in the marketplace, either by introducing new products or re positioning their existing product lines with innovative advertising and promotion strategies.

    Competition: Competition in the soft drink arena has always been intense, with arch rivals of Pepsi such as Coca Cola always trying come up with new competitive strategies to grab more market share. Intense competition is being observed in advertising and promotion strategies of soft drink manufacturers like Pepsi.

    Health Awareness: Increasing awareness among the consumers regarding the ill-effects of soft drink consumption, obesity, harmful effects of junk food, etc. is also causing companies like Pepsi to alter their marketing strategies in order to project themselves as more health friendly.

    Seasonal Trends: Seasonal trends also impact the marketing strategies of Pepsi as soft drink's demand vary a lot due to seasonal changes and marketing strategies in off-season needs to be different than those of peak ...

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