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    Communication and Culture

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    Define Intercultural and Intracultural Communication

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    Communication and Culture:
    To be able to understand and learn more about intercultural communication, one must understand the concepts of communication and culture and the interdependence between them. People who belong to the same culture share the same psychological, sociological, and technological trappings. They also have common world views, relate with each other in the same manner and have their own way of organizing themselves using similar tools and instruments that they have developed. They speak the same language, use the same symbol system, and their behavior in all situations are the same. The process of using symbols and signs to draw meanings in another person or persons is called communication. The interdependence of both culture and communication is manifested when one considers the way communication patterns are developed and changed within each cultural grouping, and the similarity of behaviors of one generation to the next can only be made possible through communication. Communication initiates change in the ...

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    Concepts on communication and culture, intracultural and intercultural communication. References are included.