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    South African communication

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    What influence does South African culture have on communication? Explain two ways misunderstandings might occur among cultures such as South Africa and the United States with different communication styles. What are some solutions that could enhance cross-cultural communication among them?

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    I see Nelson Mandela's peacemaking and conflict resolution impacts as vital worldwide, making it an example of a role model in this area.

    However, a misunderstanding that may arise from South African communication styles is that cultural and racial differences still exist, making intercultural communication strained. Research attests, "Generally, there are significant differences in communication styles in South Africa depending upon the individual's cultural ancestry. For most English-speaking South Africans, pride in their heritage tends to create a more reserved and conservative manner of communication that aims to avoid conflict. In comparison, those of an Afrikaaner background are frequently ...

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    Examples of traits of South African cultural communication styles are briefly integrated.