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Competitive Advantage of Ubuntu

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Using the article "Building competitive advantage from ubuntu: Management lessons from South Africa" by Mzamo P. Mangaliso:

Summarize the case and consider the issues management must consider based on the case.

What are the different options that managers have to deal with these issues?

What would be the best option, in your opinion? Are there better alternatives?

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1. Summarize the case in less than 1 or 2 paragraphs

In this case study, the author (Mangaliso) is making a case for organizations and their managers across the globe, specifically in Western cultures, to embrace the practices of the African concepts of Ubuntu. The author goes into great detail explaining the principles Ubuntu which stands for humanness. In African society, Ubuntu is present throughout all facets of people and their environments. The author does a good job in pointing out the key characteristics of Ubuntu and how it impacts relationships and how people react in different situations, specifically in their work environments (Mangaliso, 2001).

The takeaways for the reader of this article is to gain an appreciation for diversity and cultural phenomenon's that exist in global organizations and how concepts such as Ubuntu could be implemented into traditional Western management philosophy as a competitive advantage for organizations that are willing to learn and embrace these attributes. Key tenants such as respect, harmony, shared responsibility, age, experience, wisdom, cultural norms, and other such aspects of Ubuntu help equalize everyone in a work environment and this according to the author leads to a more stable and productive workforce with less turmoil and turnover (Mangaliso, 2001).

In summary, the article compares and contrasts the differences in management styles of organizations that are failing to grasp Ubuntu as compared to organizations that are embracing ...

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The competitive advantages of Ubuntu is examined. The different options that managers have to deal with these issues are determined.

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