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IT infrastructure and Competitive Advantage

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Just looking for about 3 paragraphs to get a discussion rolling:

- In what ways is IS/IT just infrastructure and in what ways is it a competitive advantage?
- Do you think it matters on how big or small an organization is for it to be a competitive advantage?
- What other factors with IS/IT works with or against it being infrastructure vs. competitive advantage?

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IS/IT is just infrastructure if the IT strategy of an organization does not align with the overall corporate strategy or does not contribute towards obtaining competitive or strategic advantage. In other words, it is merely infrastructure if it performs routine functions only. IS/IT infrastructure becomes a critical success factor for obtaining ...

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Discusses importance of IT infrastructure as a tool for obtaining competitive advantage.

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Please help with some ideas on the relationship between IT and a company's competitive advantage or strategy.

Identify and briefly describe five specific areas where IT represents a risk to a company's competitive advantage.
Identify and briefly describe five specific areas in which IT may support or promote a company's competitive advantage.
Select a disadvantage you identified, and provide a detailed scenario of how it would occur, and what steps might be taken to reduce the risk.
Select an advantage you identified, and provide a detailed scenario of how it could be leveraged to improve a company's competitive advantage.

Article used: The Five Competitive Forces That Shape Strategy, by Michael E. Porter, Jan 01, 2008.

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