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    A brief overview of Civil War Reconstruction

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    What was reconstruction and what were its effects on African Americans in the South?

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    What was Reconstruction and its consequences?

    Civil War reconstruction is exactly what it means; it means the reconstruction of the South after the American Civil War (1861-1865 ). Although, the term appears to be a positive on its surface; it was anything but, during this time the South received inequitable treatment from the North in retaliation for what many in the North saw as an opportunity for revenge. The assassination of President Lincoln allowed the aggressive re-constructionists to pursue a policy of punishment rather than healing. This policy created a backlash against the African Americans freed in the South after the American Civil ...

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    This content describes briefly the some issues involving reconstruction after the American Civil War as well as cover the effects on freed slaves in the South. It provides examples of legislation as well as actions taken by the Union to alienate the South as well as disenfranchise African Americans in the South.