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    President Johnson and U.S. Reconstruction

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    1. Describe President Andrew Johnson's approach to the task of Reconstruction.

    2. Explain how Congress reacted to Johnson's measures during Radical Reconstruction.

    3. What led to the end of the Reconstruction era?

    4. How did Reconstruction affect the lives of African Americans?

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    1) On 29 May 1865, Johnson announced his Reconstruction program in the form of two proclamations. The Amnesty Proclamation pardoned all participants in the rebellion, restored their property except slaves, and required them to take a loyalty oath. It excluded from amnesty the upper-echelon leaders of the Confederacy and all persons possessing over $20,000 in taxable property. Such people would have to apply to the president for a restoration of their right to vote and hold office.

    The other proclamation dealt with North Carolina, but its provisions set the pattern for all of the seceded states except Virginia, Tennessee, Arkansas, and Louisiana, where pro-Union governments already existed. It stated that the president would appoint a provisional governor who would summon a convention to draw up a new constitution, whereupon the state would resume its normal relationship to the Union. Only those men who had been eligible to vote in 1861 and who had taken the loyalty oath could vote ...

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    This solution briefly examines President Andrew Johnson's political approach to the task of Reconstruction post Civil War