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    Andrew Johnson's impeachment and crime

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    Andrew Johnson was the first American president ever to be impeached. He escaped conviction and removal from office by a single vote. Was Johnson's only crime, as many white Southerners insisted, a principled defiance of vengeful and fanatic Republican radicals? Or was he a villain, as his critics charged, who undermined efforts to protect the civil rights of the freedmen and who fueled Southern resistance to Reconstruction?

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    As you formulate your own opinion, you can argue both sides:

    If you believe that he was evil, you might suggest that he staunchly opposed Congress and violated the spirit of the Tenure of Office Act. His firing of Stanton without congressional approval further deemed his as unethical as well as his failure to enforce laws. In a sense, you might suggest that he acted like he was above or superior ...

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    Andrew Johnson's impeachment is briefly evaluated.