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    Difference between Whigs and Democrats

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    â?¢What were the differences between the Democrats and the Whigs?

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    Hello and Welcome to Brainmass! I have given you some guidelines to include in your paper which clearly outlines the major differences between the two political parties. I have included two references formatted in APA styling which you are welcome to use if you find it necessary. Good Luck!!

    Differences between the Democrats and the Whigs

    Please include these differences when writing your assignment.

    Whigs: They existed from 1854 - 1856 (Velm, 2008) and was formed as a reaction to President Andrew Johnson's policies. Jackson had infuriated American Indians and many Americans due to the abuse of presidential powers over the ...

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    The solution deals with the major differences between the Whigs and the Democrats as political parties in the 1800's.