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The Election of 1840: First 'Modern Election'

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How the election itself (not the winner's term) changed American politics and culture in the 1840 Harrison Van Buren.

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The Election of 1840: First 'Modern Election'

The candidates - Harrison Van Buren (incumbent, Democrat) & General William Henry Harrison (challenger, Whig) were battling control of the presidency in the wake of the Panic of 1837. With public opinion and political turmoil descending on the ruling Democratic Party, the Whig Party felt that they finally had the momentum to take power from the Democrats. The Democrats on the other hand still saw the Whig party as disorganized and without a structured plan for the campaign as well as for the organization's political ambitions; in other words as an amateur group. This was in contrast to the party Van Buren led - with the man himself preferring to take what he sees as the 'high road' focusing on discipline, organization and detail which included, for this particular campaign a push to take control of the grassroots, via correspondence and a traditional ...

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