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    Formation & Evolution of the 2 American Parties

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    Need help with the following questions:

    1. Explain the evolution of political parties from the Federalists and Democratic-Republicans to the political parties that exist today.

    2. Discuss the structure and role of party organizations. Mention each level of party organization—local, state, and national—including what the function is of each in modern politics.

    3. There has been a great deal of controversy over the Affordable Care Act, also known as ObamaCare. In your textbook, there are three methods described that most Americans use to evaluate political developments such as ObamaCare. Using those three methods, describe how someone could come to the conclusion that he or she is against ObamaCare.
    4. How does our current party system impact elections? How can a minor party play a part in an election?

    Each response should be at least 200 words in length. Please list all references & quoted material in citations. APA style

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    1. The two original political parties listed above were our first two parties (Gallagher). The Federalists believed in a strong nationally based form of government and believed in the power and laws based on this government
    The Democratic Republicans believed in " expanding the ideas of the revolution for all (USHistory
    Org). Over time these two parties eventually developed into our current Democrat and Republican parties(Gallagher). With this over time the Federalists became the Whigs and eventually the Republicans. The Democratic Republican evolved in to the Democratic party that we have today. (Gallagher).

    2.The role of the ...

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    An expert cites sources about the evolution of our two political parties from the Federalists and Democratic-Republican parties, to the Whigs and Democrats, to the modern day Democrats and Republicans. Almost 400 words.