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Evolution of political parties in the United States

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I have to research the evolution of political parties in the United States. I need assistance in creating a timeline that illustrates the poltical party system in the US, beginning with the American Revolution, including the original American political parties, their name changes, time frame changes, and whether these parties led towards modern day liberalism or conservatism.

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The solutipn provides information, assistance, and advise on the topic of the history and evolution of the political parties of the US since the time of the founding fathers. Resources are listed for further exploration of the topic.

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Dear Student,
Hi and thank you for using Brainmass. To get this done, I think it is best to have a design of the timeline as well as to add a discursive element that discusses liberalism and conservatism within American political parties. I suggest the following information -

For the timeline, following a chronological order, I would list the key development and the highlights, including the political parties. We cannot do a year on year but a per decade development until the present. It would look something like this: period/key development/highlights/on political parties present.

American Political History: Political Parties & Political Development
(1790 - 1990)

This work attempts to list all the relevant events and developments in American political history, tracing the rise and evolution of the American Political system and the present-day two-party practice. While not all events that happened are listed, the most relevant for each era are to explain the themes of each decade and to showcase the genealogy (evolution of a perspective/movement/idea) that is the American political ideology. The information listed here has been sourced from historical documents and previously published works on the subject. I would begin the timeline in 1790 as this was the period immediately after the initial establishment of the American nation after the American Revolution. One could say its independence ended in President George H.W. Bush's Presidency in 1990, as I believe this marks the present form of American political ...

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