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    Comparative Justice Systems

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    After reading the assignment for this week, select two countries and in no less than 500 words, total give an overview of each country's government. Include the background, current governmental structure and any relevant information necessary to present a good understanding of each. Make sure and Cite the book we provide and no outside sources. APA Source format.

    Reading is attached.

    Two Countries = France and England.

    1. In no less than 150 words compare similarities between the two selected country's governmental structures.

    2. In no less than 150 words contrast the differences in the two selected country's governmental structures.

    3. If you were a world history professor, which country that you read about this week is the most contradictory to the governmental structure we have in the United States? List the major differences.

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    In modern Europe, many countries were learning and discovering new ways of conducting government business. Although some stayed with the historical ways government has always been, others reformed their structure to keep up with the times. England and France's governments are richly saturated in history that dates back many centuries ago.
    Before getting in to the history of the government, a little background information will further the understanding of the times past. Terrill (2013) documents,
    The foundation for England's political and legal institutions was established between the eleventh and fourteenth centuries. It was at this
    time that the monarchy negotiated several compromises with the nobility and, in the process, asserted its central authority. (p. 19).
    Asserting their authority did not end well in England, but the authority in other areas like the House of Commons was secured. The government in England has been trying to establish new order in their structure that will allow them to be more efficient as a government. Terrill (2013) writes that it is too early to see if the reform has been affective; however, the results are still being collected. Although England's government has rich history, the current process is still colored by what was established many years ago.
    The current governmental structure of England has relatively stayed the same, but most recently as of 1998, England added The Humans Rights Act. Terrill (2013) reports, "Many scholars view the Human Rights Act (1998) as a new chapter in the evolution of English constitutional law, because all public authorities now have a duty to comply with the Convention on Human Rights" (p. 21). Beforehand, authority only came from those with power. France's structure is a little less rigid then England's and it shows within the political parties. The political parties in ...

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    Comparing and contrasting the governmental structure of France and England is given in the solution.