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    Historical-Political Approaches and Comparative Justice Systems

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    Political culture and politicized justice form the basis for a better understanding of a comparative criminal justice system. Culture and political power structures that are present in a given country determines the behavior of the justice system in that country.

    Use newspapers, magazines, or the Internet to find some examples of how a country borrowed an idea or way of operating criminal justice from another.

    What are the advantages of using a historical-political approach to the study of comparative justice systems?

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    Comparative Criminal Justice Systems: United States/ Great Britain

    When developing a system like a legal or justice system it is best to have a blueprint. The United States of America and its government is comparitively the rebellious offspring of Britain, therefore I will use the US as the country that has borrowed its way of operating from another country, that being, its mother country, Great Britain.

    The founding fathers of the United States of America agreed that independence from Britain was undeniable and that the government that would develope in the new country would be a Republic. The Constitution is comparitively borrowed from the Magna Carta. The Magna Carta is the official document which describes the intentions of Great Britain, ...

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    The advantages of using a historical-political approach to the study of comparative justice systems are noted.